100 word challange Harrison

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The temperature dropped suddenly and Commander Maxwell knew he was on to something, as a shiver ran down the spine of everyone in the room. “I don’t like this…” commented Private ‘Tiger’ Kawolski nervously. “Cut the chatter or it’ll be alerted to our presence!” As if on cue a fearsome blue Ghoul came bursting in to the room. Someone shouted to bring out the Vortex gun and obligingly the swirling cannon was hurriedly brought out to return the monster back to it’s own dimension. “Good work men” Maxwell exclaimed with relief as the U.S.  Spectre Patrol cleared up all the mess.

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  1.   Mr Darling Says:

    That is a fantastic 100 word story! Well done Harrison – you really managed to build up tensions and detail in such a short time. I’ll definitely show your 100 word challenge to my class!

    Keep up the amazing work!

    Mr Darling
    Lyons Hall school


  2.   harrisonm Says:

    Thank you for the comment


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