Zain’s 100 word challenge

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“What was that?” screamed Jack.  “Run!” shouted Jack.  As they were running Jack triped up over the rock Jack had to get up as fast as he could before the monster could get him,then they heard the monster say wait.  Then they stopped and looked back  and siad “Why, what is wrong.  “then the monster said I am alone i need someone to cheer me up.”  Then the boys felt sorry for him, Jack thought I will play with you.  So they played a bit of football and went on a bike ride.But When it was getting late they went home but the monster was homeless.

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  1.   julia Says:

    Dear Zain,
    I really like your peice of writing, I think it was nice how they actually played with the monster, even if it did look scary. Iwonder what they might do with the monster, because it is homeless. Maybe next time you can use some adjectives or adverbs.
    From Julia


  2.   Tegans Mum Says:

    I like your story Zain, I wanted to read more about Jack and the monsters.


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