Emily what happend at school today

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Today at school was existing because teachers form Finland came over to our school and told use about there language and what they do at there school. We also made poster on Finland as part of our home work to find out more facts about Finland. I learnt about Finland that half of Finland is Forest. I really enjoyed to day it was so much fun.


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  1.   kenzie(highlawn) Says:

    What a fun day that was,I really enjoyed it.


  2.   Tegan Says:

    I really enjoyed having the people from Finland coming into our class to see how we are at High Lawn compared to thier schools.I am sad to see them leave and hope they visit our blogs. What was your favourite part of having them in school Emily?

    Tegan xx


  3.   Aamina N Says:

    Unfortunately I wasn’t in school when the Finland people came in. Although Emily, by reading your blog post, I now know that half of Finland is a forest.
    Aamina N


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