Emily 100 Word Challeng

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40 St Andrews 6H Charlie

206 Ella Pomphlett Year 5

 Me and my nan where driving in the car when some one ran into the road shouting WHAT IS THAT? We did not have one single clue what was going on. When suddenly a grate big light was shining in front of us it seemed to be a gargantuan robot what is taller than a house. My nan got out of the car amedently and asked what was going on when one man out of all the people who wear there said to my nan a robot is destroying our beautiful, lovely world.



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  1.   Miss Tarrant (Team 100WC) Says:

    Oh my goodness how exciting! But also so sad, all in 100 words. Well done on creating such emotion in me, your reader.

    Miss Tarrant
    Team 100WC


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