Aamina`s 100 word challenge

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I heard a big bang…what was that?

There was a shadow on the wall…what was that?

I could smell something…what was it?

Someone was shouting…who was that?

The light turned on…who did that?

My front door opened…oh no who opened it?

Is it a dog, a cat…I don`t know?

Now I heard someones exhaust running from their car…who is that?

Is it my dad, in his new car…I wonder?

Oh is it my mum,driving in her old micra…I don’t have clue.

Oh it is my mum after all…now I know for definite! 

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  1.   Fiona(Team100WC) Says:

    What a great idea to use the 100WC prompt and alter it slightly each time, Aamina. The questions following each event are very effective! What a relief to know it was Mum after all…


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