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As I was walking to my friend’s house, Lilly Graley, a car struck me.    It came out of nowhere!   The car was a big, shiny, red mean machine with music blaring from it!  I couldn’t see the driver as the windows were blackened like the midnight sky.  Then suddenly the car sped off at a dangerously, frightening speed.  I managed to stagger to my feet, feeling quite shocked and trembling.  I cautiously crossed the road and staggered to Lilly’s house. I hammered on the door and thank good someone came.  Lilly asked ‘are you alright Samantha’.  Lily answered ‘WHAT WAS THAT …?’ (SHE WAS IN TERRIBLE SHOCK.)

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  1.   kenzie Says:

    WOW I really like your 100 word challenge.You have tried really hard with this.Did you think of those words by your self?


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