Snowing in autum

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It always snows in winter,

Not in spring or summer,

Yet there is a special way it snows in autum,

In it’s own unique way!


It snows beaitiful colours,

Like scarlet red and midnight maroon,

Although not the emerald green of summer trees,

That has been long forgotten in autumn!


Snowing beaitiful colours in autumn,

It is magical and strange,

The way the leaves crunch in there own special way,

The way thats magic!


Most people look forward to snow in winter,

They think of the dazzleing pearl white,

However, they don’t know it has already began,

In the mists of chili autum!


It may not be the time were you think of snowmen and beaitiful times of cold,

But snow in autumn is a gift for everyone to know!



4 Responses to “Snowing in autum”

  1.   Mrs Duxbury Says:

    Well done Anna, this is a really lovely poem that you have written. So much imagery in this poem, I can almost feel myself crunching the leaves and the crisp, chilly air as I go for a walk.
    I can’t wait for it to snow, can you?


  2.   Miss Taylor Says:

    My favourite season is autumn. I love all the colours on the trees; through your use of wonderful adjectives you have really created a beautiful image 🙂

    Don’t forget though to check your work carefully. I am always talking with my Y5 class (Stubbins) about the use of ‘it’s’ and ‘its’, ‘there’ and ‘their’. Can you see these in your writing?


  3.   CharlotteW Says:

    Well done Anna, I love this poem, because it tells us about the weather we are going to get! I heard that it is supposed to snow after halloween! I cannot wait!


  4.   Mrs Cargill Says:

    Well done Anna, I like how you link the snow of winter to the beautiful snow in autumn of the rainbow colours of falling leaves. Fantastic imagery. My favourite time of year.


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