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Year 6,
Vote for your favourite Michael Morphurgo book and write a book review explaining why it is your favourite book. Before you write your review, please make sure you go to the site and read soem of the other reviews that have been written.

Please write your review as a COMMENT .   Good luck everyone!
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What is your favourite Michael Morpurgo book?

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  1.   CharlotteW Says:

    I have chosen to review ‘Shadow’. This book is all about a young refugee who lives in a home with his mother. He met a boy who was extremely kind to him. He helped him through his troubles, but he always visited with his grandpa; who understood the troubles that the refugee’s mother. In the end, the refugees won a battle. On each chapter, a different person told the story.
    I picked this book, because it grabbed me in and I didn’t want to put the book down. It had lots of great adventurous adjectives and it was quite a sad story and it moved me. I think this was the favourite book, because it isn’t really for a certain year group, I think anyone could read it!


    •   Mrs Duxbury Says:

      Thank you for your book review, Charlotte. I can tell you really enjoyed reading this book. Perhaps you have another favourite and would like to write another book review? Remember to use those reading skills (like schema and summarising) in your writing.


  2.   Aamina I Says:

    I have chosen War horse; it is a story of war and death. There is a young boy called Albert, he gets a hourse called Joey they’re have a great time together. Until the first war started but sadly Joey gets sent away to work in the war, he gets put with lots of other horses but sadly his best friend dies

    I really enjoyed reading this because, once I started reading the book I couldn’t put it down it was a sad story, but I would recommend the book to others.


  3.   CharlotteW Says:

    I picked to review ‘Private Peaceful’, because it is such a sad story, about family and friends, it changes people’s view of reading! It is about a young boy who lived in the war, without a father! His brother was dating the girl he loved. It shows that life wasn’t easy when a war was happening! 1910 must of been a bad time to be born. It shows that life hasn’t always been as glamourous as it is now!


  4.   CharlotteW Says:

    I have picked to review ‘Private peaceful’ This book is about a young boy, his father is dead, his dog was shot dead, and his brother is enemy’s with the Colonol. He lives in a cottage, in 1910, and he works ona farm with his brother, but his brother is also a postman. He (The main character) is in love with a girl, two years older than him, but his brother is also deeply in love with her. He and his family have been forbidden to go anywhere near this girl or her family.

    I recommened this book, because it has great description and is a emotional book. This book would propublary be for people aged 8+, because it is quite a long story.


  5.   Aamina I Says:

    My book review is based on War horse; War hourse is a story of war and death. There is a young boy called Albert and he gets a hourse called Joey, they both had a great time together. Until the first war started,sadly Joey got sent away to work in the war with lots of diffrent horses. Joey is a lot stronger then the other horses, sadly his best friend dies.

    I really enjoyed reading this book, but in some parts of the story it was really sad and it can even make you cry. once I started reading the book I couldn’t put it down, I would recommend the book to others and I would also recommend the movie.


  6.   harrison Says:

    I picked ‘Kensuki’s Kingdom’ this is because it is such an unusual and intruiging book to read:
    A boy, shipwrecked on a mysterious island during a family, world tour. Life isn’t easy here and he is apparently alone… Until some food appears at the entrance of the cave which he is sleeping in…Someone else is there! A story of love, compassion and understanding, all at a troubled place!


  7.   Julia Says:

    Michael Morpurgo book review.
    I am doing a book review on Mr. Skip.
    Why I like this book.

    I really liked this book, because it was interesting to find out what was going to happen next. Just looking at the front cover made me want to read it. Whilst I was reading this book I wrote down what I thought might happen next. I predict that Mr. Skip makes Barnaby a prize winner in the big races, and then they become rich and famous. Then I visualised, (if my prediction was right) that Jackie and her mum have all their wildest dreams to come true all thanks to Mr. Skip.

    My favourite characters in the book.
    My favourite characters in the book are Jackie and her mum. Jackie’s mum is one of my favourites because she is so supporting and has a really nice personality. Jackie is my other favourite character, because no matter what happens, she is determined and never gives up. If I had to be one of the characters in the book I would like to be Mr. Skip. Not just because he is one of the main characters, but because he can make wishes come true. I would like to help people make their wishes come true because that would mean that you are the hero of the day and make people joyful.
    My favourite part of the book.

    My favourite part of the book is when they are going to start the Derby race, and Jackie says the magic words (do it for Mr. Skip) into Barnaby’s ear but they don’t work. Then she gets frustrated and gives Barnaby a little nudge, and he sits down and Jackie slides off Barnaby with a bump. This is the task card I did for my favourite part of the book. The task card was to write a diary entry of my favourite part of the book.
    Dear diary,
    Well the day had finally come. I knew what I had to do, just say the magic words ‘Do it for Mr. Skip.’ Boy was I wrong; He stood there eating grass, whilst all the other horses were dashing off, out of sight! Unfortunatly, I did the wrong thing and gave him the slightest little nudge and he sat down. Once again, I slid off the back of him and landed with a bump on my bottom. Booing from the crowd didn’t make me feel any better. We went home, and no one was waiting for us, no newspaper reports; nothing. When we got into the flat, the phone wasn’t ringing. It was just as if we were back in the past, before Barnaby came along. After the race I was truly in for a surprise. Mum put a bag stuffed full of twenty and fifty pound notes in front of me. I looked at Mr. Skip shamefacedly, for doubting him. All that made my day feel like a daydream. After that we made every single one of our dreams come true, all thanks to Mr. Skip.


    I would recommend Mr. Skip because it is a brilliant, wonderful book. It gripped me as soon as I started reading it. It has a little bit of a twist at the end, and makes you wonder what is going to happen. Michael Morpurgo is one of my favourite authors, and would love to read Mr. Skip again!


  8.   Aamina N Says:

    Dear Mrs Duxbury,
    Did anyone from 6D win the Michael Morpurgo competition?


    •   Mrs Duxbury Says:

      Aamina, I have not heard anything, but I will check. Well done for reminding me. Keep up this great commenting, it is brilliant!


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