100 Word Challenge

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“What is that?” I shouted as I saw a bright light coming towards me in the dark.  The noise was very powerful; it was like nothing I had heard before.  As it got closer I looked up and saw that it was actually a police helicopter.  I immediately felt that something bad must have happened for the helicopter to be flying so low. It landed in a field close by and the policemen jumped out and chased after a man who had leapt from a burning crashed car.  The policeman said “get back this man is dangerous!”….


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119 Dylan – St Barts Y6

132 Caroline – Roseville Collegae Y6

4 Responses to “100 Word Challenge”

  1.   Mrs Duxbury Says:

    Daniel, what a super piece of writing. I am so impressed with how you have tried so hard this week. Thank you. What happens to the first word inside inverted commas (speech marks)? Please write the rule as a comment.


  2.   Daniel Says:

    Thank you for the comments, I think the first word in the speach marks should have started with a capital letter.


  3.   reecee Says:

    Hello Daniel .That was a great peice of writing because you used alot of good description.


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