100 WC #6 Harrison

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I hear a bump on the roof… what was that?

There’s scratches at the door… what was that?

Something moved by the window… what was that?

A bin rolled over… who was that?

A dog started barking… why was that?

The garden fence is creaking… why is that?

Car alarms’ are going … oh drat!

Neighbours’ are shouting… fancy that?

I am starting to get scared… imagine that?

It could be a scary burglar… in a hat!

Or Count Dracula… as a bat!

Or a runnaway steamroller… to knock me flat!

Oh it turned  out to be Nelson… our pet cat!


10 Responses to “100 WC #6 Harrison”

  1.   Caitlin W Says:

    Dear Harrison,
    This is a great 100wc. I like how you’ve done it in a poem and not a paragraph. I like how you’ve put ellipses in too. We’ll done Harrison.


  2.   CharlotteW Says:

    WOW! I like your poem because it rhymes really well and has a great ending!


  3.   Mrs Duxbury Says:

    Harrison, I am blown away with this poem. What a clever way to use the prompt and I am sure Mrs Skinner and her team are going to be just as impressed. This really did make me smile, especially when I found out at the end it was just…a cat. Thnk you Harrison, you should be very proud of this. I know I am.


  4.   Aamina I Says:

    Dear Harrison,
    I like how you put your hundred word challenge as a poem, I pinch your idea.


  5.   Aamina I Says:

    Dear Harrison,
    I like how you put your Hundred word challenge as a poem, I might pinch your idea.


  6.   julia Says:

    Dear Harrison,
    I really like how you have used the prompt as a poem. You also predicted what it might be.


  7.   Vic 100wc Says:

    Wow Harrison, what an interesting interpretation of the prompt! Excellent use of ellipsis, exclamation marks and question marks. Well done!


  8.   Miss Taylor and Y5 Says:

    We liked how your poem was written in different colours. The rhyming was fab! We liked the fact that each line ended with a question. The ending was great! We also liked that each line was a similar length.


  9.   reecee Says:

    Very good Harrison. That was a good peice of writing because you used the prompt really well in the form of a poem.


  10.   harrisonm Says:

    Thank you for the comments everyone!


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