Save Water

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DomoNation.com: Don't waste food and water by Tulsi by tulsiv

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4 Responses to “Save Water”

  1.   Laurie Stubbins primary Says:

    I liked the characters very imaganative.


  2.   Katie Stubbins Says:

    Cool animation I enjoyed watching it.


  3.   Tulsi Says:

    Thankyou, it was to tell people you save water because somepeople just waste water, (some people in countries like Africa and India). They have to walk miles and miles with buckets on their head to get to the lake so that they can get water.


  4.   Thea Garthwaite Says:

    Hi Tulsi, well done! That was a creative way of getting the message through. When I am full up I give my food and water to the dog (does that count.)Keep it up! Hope you are enjoying blogging!
    From Thea (a previous High Lawn pupil.)


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