Charlotte’s storybird

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The Halloween nightmare ! on Storybird

8 Responses to “Charlotte’s storybird”

  1.   Finlay Stubbins Says:

    That was fantastic. I loved all of it are you making a other one?


  2.   Ashlea Stubbins Says:

    Your story is great. I would love to read another story!!


  3.   Jacob Stubbins Says:

    Hi charlotte I loved your story. I liked the bit where the cat is a villan and trying to destroying the world.I like the spider saving the world.


  4.   Isabel Stubbins Says:

    I like the characters espcialy the black cat because everybody thinks he is good but he is bad. I think the plot was amazing. The story is fab!


  5.   Maggie Stubbins Says:

    Hi Charlotte ,
    I think that was a great story I loved the characters names and the audio of you speaking made it even better.Are you going to do anymore stories? Because I think they are fab!


  6.   CharlotteW Says:

    Hi, I have made a great(I think) storybird but I am struggling on how to embed it on the blog! HELP!


  7.   CharlotteD Says:

    Thank you everybody


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