Anna’s Halloween Storybird

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8 Responses to “Anna’s Halloween Storybird”

  1.   Issy Stubbins Says:

    I liked the story and the pictures.


  2.   Eleanor Stubbins Says:

    A very good story Anna! I liked the bit where she saw her husband but it was a ghost and it threatened her!! I cant wait until your next story. Who gave you the idea?


  3.   Madelin Stubbins Says:

    Hi Anna

    Your story was beautifully read.

    from Madelin


  4.   Laurence Stubbins Says:

    We listened to this through out the class and we all really enjoyed it I think you could make it a bit better by animating a short clip (film).


  5.   Charlotte Stubbins Says:

    Anna that was a FAB story, I loved listening to you.You have a lovely talent of reading! The pictures were great!


  6.   Finlay Stubbins Says:

    I loved it , it was so cool. That was a really great story.


  7.   Thea Garthwaite Says:

    Hi Anna, I am speaking from my heart now because that story made me feel something that I haven’t EVER experienced before! With your fantastic descriptive words and your use of punctuation left me (ignoring the commas)gasping for air because I destined to just keep on reading.
    I think that you chose the images carefully because the pictures and the text join together brilliantly.
    A VERY big well done from me!
    From Thea (a previous pupil from High lawn)
    P.S. You have made me excited for Halloween.


  8.   CharlotteW Says:

    Great story Anna, it had a wondreful story line! It was a beautiful story, very touching! I like all of your great wow words! Such as ‘gregarious’ I thnk that means fond of company!


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