A great P.E. lesson

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We had a great lesson in P.E. with SuperStrikerz.  What did you enjoy the most? What game did you play and how did you play it?  Leave your answer as a comment.

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  1.   CharlotteW Says:

    I enjoyed playing our first game, because I got to run around and learn new skills! We had four benches, and each one was a den. There was two people, who were it, and they had to throw a soft ball at the others; if you got tug, you went out! The aim of the game was to run around, without getting hit! I think I did well!


  2.   Nathan H Says:

    We played a really good game of football. First, to warm up we played a game of tig and when you went on a bench they couldn’t tig you. Next, we played a football game where we were in groups of 5 and when he shouted a number out and if it was your number you had to try and hit the ball against the other benches to get the other players out.


  3.   reecee Says:

    We played a really good game where we did number teams. We used 4 benches and 4 teams (each with 5 players in) played each other. To play you simply have to kick the ball at an opponents bench to get them out. The last one standing is the winner. It is a game of pure skill. Every time someone wins a game that team gets a point. 1 player from each team goes up at a time to play. Do 15 games and decide the winner by counting there points up. The team with the most points win.


  4.   YahyaP Says:

    The thing that I enjoyed the moast was when the girls were playing and they almoast kicked the ball in my friends face. The way we played the first game was, we had benches, and two tigers which had one ball each to tig, we would run around, and when we saw a tigger we jumped on the bench and the rule was we were aloud on the bench for only three seconds.


  5.   Julia S Says:

    I really loved doing this P.E. lesson, because it was so fun! I hope everyone else enjoyed it. I was terrible at it. Even though people might not be good at it you can still choose to have fun anyway. The thing I enjoyed most was playing and competing in the game and watching others tackle each other.


  6.   Tulsi Says:

    That P.E lesson was really fun with SuperStrikes. I most enjoyed both actives because the girls and some of the boys learn more about football not just that in football you don’t just kick the ball around with your feet. It was also fun because we got to into teams with the people we don’t work with so we got new skills with them.


  7.   sean Says:

    It was great fun i had graat fun whith strikers. i whish i couled do it a gen.


  8.   Daniel Says:

    I really liked the P.E lesson with strikez it was fun and made us get exersise you get very sweaty.


  9.   oliviaf Says:

    I really like doing the p.e lesson, because its got me in to football and more other sports like netball and others.


  10.   ellies Says:

    This lesson we had was, fun and creative and everyone had fun. This lesson tought us how to save a goal and how to play a warm up game, the thing I enjoyed the most was that everyone was envolved and had great fun and the girls knew how to save goal, it was great fun
    from Ellie 6D.


  11.   Harrison Says:

    My favorite game was a sort of football game where we had benches and teams of which I was in the purple team, but of course with my luck we lost! Even though that was my favorite, I also enjoyed ‘bomb’, a game with a very smelly wraped up training shirt! Two of us had these ‘bombs’ to throw at each the other people to get them out. the only safe places were the benches which you could only go on for three seconds until you needed to find the next one! SuperStrikerz is amazing!


  12.   Aamina N Says:

    Well.. Thank you for such an amazing game! I had SO much fun. I wish we do something like that with Mrs Duxbury! It would be amazing watching her play!


  13.   Annas Says:

    I had a great P.E lesson that day. I loved playing both the games, they were great. I couldn’t pick my favorite out of them. I think though, the first one was my favorite. Here is what we did in each game!

    Game One:
    There were four benches upright around the hall and two people with rolled up bibs. Everyone who didn’t have a bib (the mogority of the class) had to run around from bench to bench, the benches were dens.


  14.   Mia Stubbins Says:

    That looks really fun! We sometimes play that at school and our’s is called Hectic!


  15.   Megan C Says:

    Wow! It looks like you all had a fun P.E lesson!


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