Zain’s 100 word challenge

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The temperature dropped suddenly and the wind picked up like a whirlwind and the rain came down at some speed and everybody had to run home, but as everybody got out of the park it went sunny.  So when every body got back in and it started too  rain and go cold again, so the is no point coming back to the park,when they got back home it was rainig  they went back to the park for one last time and it wasn’t raining and they all had a good time when the rain came back they went but it was late anyway .  So they just sat down and watched TV.


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  1.   Mrs Duxbury Says:

    Hello Zain, thak you for entering this week’s challenge. I love going to the park don’t you?
    As you read through this again Zain, i am sure that ytou will see those sentences are a bit long and you need to put in some full stops.


  2.   olivia Says:

    Wow Zain, I really like your work I love the best was, the wind picked up like a whirlwind and the rain came
    Keep it up.
    Your friend olivia


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