100 word challenge week 5

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commented on 443 Jessica year 6 Brunswick House and 551 Ayesha year 4 Miriam Lord Primary Bradford.


The temperate dropped suddenly and the sky filled with grey clouds.  In the distant, you could see a patch of white clouds and sunlight, at that moment I heard “Oh no the laundry!” I ran downstairs to the kitchen (where mum was standing by the garden door).  “What is the matter mum?”  I asked.

“It’s bouncing down with rain and the laundry is getting wet!” exclaimed mum.  We both looked out of the window.  It was really bouncing it down; the rain drops hit the ground and jumped back up as if they were on trampolines.

2 Responses to “100 word challenge week 5”

  1.   Vic 100wc Says:

    This is written brilliantly, even with only 100 words you have managed to use paragraphs to organise your work. It is well punctuated and I love the simile about the rain drops hitting the ground ‘as if they were on trampolines’ Well done!


  2.   CharlotteW Says:

    Dear Tulsi,
    Well done on completing our target (using brackets). I think this is one of your best 100 word challenge, because I can tell you have thought about what you are writing! I think you could of used some better wow words though!


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