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Well Year 6….the time has come to start blogging with our quadblogging partners. I hope you are as excited as I am. Remember all the work that we have done on commenting today. I am sure you are going to impress everyone with your skills.
This week we will be visiting: (click on the link)

Hilton Primary School – Blakelaw – Newcastle-upon-Tyne – North East England, UK

Have fun everyone!


4 Responses to “Quad Blogging”

  1.   katiel Says:

    Wow Mrs Duxbury I think we should send comments to differnt schools and comment on their work if we comment on theirs they should hopefully come on our blogs.


  2.   Aamina N Says:

    I really enjoy quadblogging because you get to know different schools any maybe EVEN SKYPE! Wow! Trust me everyone, quadblogging is AMAZING!
    From Aamina N


  3.   Mrs Skinner Says:

    If you like Skyping, maybe we could chat sometime 6D!


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