Aamina’s 100 word challenge

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Summer had finally come, everyone was really happy and the birds were tweeting some were even singing happily, like the kookaburras they all sat on the ogam tree. We all had a street party outside my house , I called all my friends and family we played lots of games ,like who could have two whole literes of freezing water. The fiery sun was gleaming in the deep blue sky. Every one was sun bathing.  I never got to feel the warmness of the sun.  Now it was getting Late everyone said goodby the sun had reached its highest point.  the temperature dropped suddenly and…

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  1.   Mrs Duxbury Says:

    Well done Aamina, I like how you have kept the theme of water (from our theme day) going. I am sure that you could include some wow words and some exciting punctuation in this piece of work Aamina. Please list the A CARP PIE sentence openers that you have used.


  2.   siobhan miller Says:

    Hi Aamina i’m Siobhan from the 100WC team.
    really good story, kookaburras are so cute. Keep up the good work and i hope to see more work from you.


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