Aamina’s 100 word challenge

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Today, I went to the piano store and I saw a bright, fluorescent, green 

piano with lots of exquisite diamonds stuck on the front. It looked unique

from all the other pianos it was tiny I begged my dad that I wanted the piano.  

He said ‘we’ll come back later.  so we told the man working there to save the 

piano for me, he said’ I will try and save it. Later that evening we went back 

to the store, suddenly I heard a loud BANG! I didn’t know what to say the 

piano…my piano had exploded.  The man said he was very sorry about 

what had happened.

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  1.   Mr Williams Says:

    A very interesting piece of writing, Aamina. I’m looking forward to reading more of your writing in the future.
    Just remember to read your work carefully to make sure you’ve included all the full stops and also that you’ve put speech marks in the right places.


  2.   adam Says:

    thank you for commenting on mine (mr colins class blog)
    I like yours its imaginative


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