Aamina`s 100 word challenge

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Today, it was my sisters birthday; We went to the museum.When we got there I realized that there was a weird looking monster staring at me.  I went close by the monster and tried talking to it; suddenly, the monster started blowing out flames from its mouth, I was scared.  Everyone was frozen even my sister and my dad; however I wasn’t frozen I slowly walked around the monster wondering why I wan`t frozen.  Then the monster turned towards me and said “my name is Zoe I come from planet mars”  I was now really frightened nervelessly  I said…



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  1.   Mrs Duxbury Says:

    I am impressed that you are trying to use semi colons in your writing Aamina, well done.
    I would like you to read read through this again and correct the punctuation for the speech you have used. I wonder of you an write the rule for me too.
    Thank you


  2.   Mrs Sutton Team 100wc Says:

    You’ve got me wondering what happens next, Aamina. Great idea for the prompt. Well done on including your semi-colon.
    Keep blogging!


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