Zains 100 word challenge week3

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I was playing tennies with my mate on the tennies  court and a green,tiny football came boucing along and then it exploded and water came out they were glad they got wet because it was warm.  They went home after that and played on the xbox so later they got bored and they went to his mates and made a song on the pinao and then his mate hit the wrong note and then he said sorry.So the they made the song again and they got it right and after that they had tea after tea they made another song and it was a hit they were rockstars.

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  1.   Nathan M Says:

    A really good try Zain,
    Unfortunatly you have spelt tennis wrong along with piano and bouncing.
    I like your idea that they became professional musicians and they had a hit single.
    Would they become rockstars on the piano?
    Overall a great 100 word challenge.
    From NathanM


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