Holly’s 100wc week 3

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One day,whilst the trees swayed in the silent breeze, Grace sat in the beaming sunlight. She was having a picnic on the tiny green hills. Suddenly, her  picnic basket exploded and to her suprise, out jumped her kitten,Percy. Percy miowed, as if  he was saying sorry. Normally,he would perch on the piano  and sleep however he must have fell into the basket. After all the comotion, Grace put  Percy into her pocket  for the rest of the journey home. When everyone got home, I went upstairs with my kitten and played with him. I had a secret, my pet could talk!

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  1.   CharlotteW Says:

    Well done Holly,
    I like how you used the wow word ‘COMOTION’! You used great openers instead of boring old The all the time. Next time you could of used different punchtuaion to make your work level 5 such as ‘I had a secret; my pet could talk…’
    from Charlotte.W


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