This week’s showcase

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The first showcase of this year’s 100 word challenge is Holly. We are so proud of her and her fabulous writing!

Read her fabulous work here.  Holly’s 100 word challenge.

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  1.   annalese Says:

    Well done Holly you have been showcased for the 100WC. You are one of the first people to be show cased


  2.   Aamina Natha Says:

    Amazing Holly, Supurb effort.
    I really enjoyed reading your 100 word challenge and I think, the team 100wc really enjoyed it aswell!

    Keep up the hard work,
    Aamina Natha


  3.   kenzie(highlawn) Says:

    Wow that is fantastic holly.You should be really proud of yourself,what an amazing achievement holly.your 100 word challenge was was really good. and I really enjoyed reading it the 100 word challenge team must of liked it. I just cant believe you got picked out of 467 people,give yourself a clap well done holly, you really deserve it.
    keep up the great work Mrs Duxbury is really proud to

    kenzie L


  4.   kenzie(highlawn) Says:

    Wow what a great achevment holly,you got showcased for one of the best 100 wc out of 467. Mrs Duxbury is so proud of you and I am so happy for you holly, I just dont now what to say. I realy enjoyed your 100 word challenge it was great, and the 100 wc team must of liked it aswell. you tried realy hard with your piece of writing. you realy deserve blogger of the week and it to be showcased. You should give yourself a big clap. well done holly
    Kenzie L


  5.   reecee Says:

    I can bet everyone in the school will be realy impressed with you excellent work. Keep it up.


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