`Four Children and It`

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I read a book this summer called `Four Children and It` by Jacqueline Wilson. It is her newest book.  It is a book about four children named Rosalind, Smash, who is a girl not boy, Robbie and Maudie.  Roslind, the main character, and Robbie are brothers and sisters. Smash and Maudie are sisters and their mum married Rosalind and Robbie’s dad! The children go to Oshwott woods with the adults and find a magic psammead, who grants wishes! To find out what happen’s next, read the book!

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  1.   Mrs Duxbury Says:

    Charlotte, this certainly does sound like an interesting book. Do you like to read Jacqueline Wilson? I hope to see you start using the reading skills that we are learning about in class sharing what you think about the book as you are reading. I really look forward to hearing more about this book.


  2.   Charlottew Says:

    Yes, it is an interesting book! I LOVE reading jacqueline Wilson books because she is a great author and writes books that cathes you and makes you want to read more!


    •   Annas Says:

      I think that book sounds interesting too. Jacquline Wilson is a great authur. I agree with Charlotte, it just makes you want to read more!
      Well done Julia


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