The runaway boy.

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Chapter 1

I sat alone; staring out of the wet window, dreaming of perfect Paris and glorious Greece. I once thought of going, but it meant running away from home. It wasn’t pleasant being alone in a dark room with just a bed and a box, but I suppose it’s better than being homeless. I don’t really know why my mother never let me out and I probably never will. Well she did tell me once but I was only 7 months of age. My best friend once told me to climb out of the boring, old window, then risk my life of jumping, so i tried it, however it didn’t work because my neighbour told my parents, and I haven’t tried anything since.


Chapter 2

The next morning I woke up starving, so I sprinted downstairs for some scrumptious breakfast.

“Wow son, those are for Ben!” yelled Mum. ‘Ben, Ben? Who’s Ben?’ I went upstairs puzzled, trying to work out who Ben was. Later on, this Ben guy came round and suddenly I realized my mum doesn’t really like me, she was just keeping me, locked up in this dump, because she didn’t want me to be an orphan. After a while I stomped downstairs to ask my mum if she really liked me. She answered yes, but that’s what all parents say, and from that day on she started to be really kind and caring until… SHE GOT A BOYFRIEND!!!!! I hated my mum’s true love but she certainly didn’t, she hated me. My mum’s boyfriend was called John Andaloof. I HATED HIM! But there is one good thing about him, and that is you can make fun of his last name. His last name was Andaloof, but I say John ‘Is-a-loof’. Obviously my mum had forgotten that she had said she loved me and remembered that she loved john.

Chapter 3

One day I thought of running away from home and moving toGreece, so after 7 months of thinking I did.

I stood terrified and cold, trying to thumb a lift, when finally a colossal Warburton’s van pulled up at the side of me and told me to hop on. He asked me where I wanted to go, so I told him that the nearest train station to Manchester would do. I didn’t like silence so I started to tell him about my BIG ambition.


Well, it all started off when I was 7; we were doing this lesson on countries and cities, and when we got given homework we had to plan a talk on a country of your choice, so I chose Greece. In that talk I learnt all the wonderful things about gorgeous Greece and ever since it has been my ambition to travel to Greece and then to travel to Paris on a 1st class airplane.  I probably won’t get to travel on a1st class airplane, but I might be able to travel on a ferry or ship.


I was surprised when I found out the man was actually listening because most people get bored when I tell them about my ambition.

“Here we are, at Sefiawayate Train Station.” Announced the driver. I hopped off the van quickly rushed into the train station. Luckily my train hadn’t left and I caught the train to my brilliant grandfather’s village. I thought would need more money, but because in was under 16 it was free. Once I sat down I began to think about home and whether my mum had noticed I had left, but she will probably think I was asleep under the covers.


After a while I got bored so I went to sleep for a while. Suddenly a strange boy, wearing a jet black cap, started patting me on the back to wake me up. When I had eventually woken up, he told me that he had run away from home, just like I had. I asked him if it was because his mum and dad didn’t care about him; he said yes. Then he had asked me why I was on the train and I whispered that I had run away from home as well. He asked me my name after that, and I told him it was Billy, and then he said his name was James. I started to tell him about my ambition and then James told me about his ambition. It was to travel toGreeceand become a successful movie star. Soon I realized that we could stay together from now on because we both wanted to go toGreece, and from that day forward we promised to be Best Friends.

Chapter 4

When we reached my destination, Jams wanted to know about my Grandad and why we were going to his house. I told him that my Grandad works at the airport and can get us tickets for £1.50. James couldn’t wait to get to gorgeousGreeceand neither couldI.after 70 metres of walking we found my amazing grandfather, in his white Lexus, so we jumped aboard. My grandfather didn’t ask about James because he thought he was my brother.

Before very long Grandad realized that I didn’t have a brother and then he started to ask questions about whom James was and I said I met him at school In year 2 and we both had the same ambition of running away and… I mean going to Greece, so we decided to go together (at this moment there was an awkward silence) because my Grandad was thinking…suddenly he asked me whether my mum knew I had gone,  I replied, guilty, “of course she does, why wouldn’t she?”

My grandfather seemed to be confused. After a while, grandfather asked us if we wanted to stay the night and then he could drop us off in the morning. me and James were pleased he asked us to stay because we didn’t really have anywhere else to go. Just at that moment we heard a colossal slam at the door, grandfather shouted who is it? But there was no reply, then my wonderful grandma, staggered into the kitchen. She had an awful amount of bags in her wrinkly old hands.

“Back from shopping Doreen Did they do any sales?” asked Grandad weeping with laughter.

“NO! There weren’t any sales! And why didn’t you come and pick me up?”

Grandad didn’t say anything; he was too busy laughing because Grandma was as wet as a dog. I slowly asked Grandma what she had got from the shop yet I didn’t think she heard me because she didn’t reply. I turned to the window to see whether the rain had stopped and surprisingly it had, the sun was shining and the clouds where white. When I turned back, Grandma was right in front of my face trying to figure out who I was.

After a while of thinking she suddenly asked me if I was related to heather, I told her that Heather was my mum. Obviously, grandma didn’t recognise me and to be honest I didn’t really recognise her but I knew I had seen her before, maybe at my birthday or something…soon it was time for bed so grandma gathered together lots of blankets and cushions for me and James to sleep on. Quietly, James set up a bed on both of the couches for us to sleep on and after a long day we were soon fast asleep.

Chapter 5

“Rise and shine!” the loud noise of grandad woke both me and James at exactly eight thirty in the morning. ”come on I’ve got the plane tickets for half past ten so get dressed and off we go!” we told grandad that we only had one pair of clothes so we weren’t able to get in clean clothes for the holiday and for the plane. Luckily grandad told us that grandma had made lots of comfortable, fashionable clothes for me and James to wear. Quietly and slowly grandma made her way downstairs with lots of clothes hung over her arm occasionally swaying as she walked.

After a while of struggling to dress ourselves we finally finished and were on our way to the airport. ”HARRAY!!!!”

When we got to the airport grandad took us to the children’s area, where children went if their parents weren’t coming abroad with them. Soon we arrived at the section of the airport where you get scanned to see whether you are carrying anything dangerous only to find James carrying a sharp silver shiny knife… This was the worst thing that had ever happened to me, and it was all because of JAMES!!! After a long boring interview we got put in jail for two long and terrible days…

Chapter 6

In the morning I woke up only to find that I was on my own, he had escaped. When the stern police man charged in he asked me where James had gone, but I just stood quietly thinking of something to say. Soon I managed to spit out that I had no clue where James was. When the next police man came in he asked me whether I wanted soup or porridge, I chose soup because I have hated porridge since I was four. Soon it was 9 o’clock and that was the time I was getting released so I was finally free but I had lost my only friend.

Suddenly my horrible mother turned up behind me and it seemed like she was crying. She explained to me that she was terribly sorry for not treating me like a real son; I felt weird and desperately wanted to cry. But not here. Not in front of a stranger. After a while of thinking I apologised for running away from my warm comfortable home. I had a lot of explaining to do so we lovingly drove home to snuggle up near the fire and have a hot cup of tea. Luckily I did get to achieve my ambition but this time with my loving and caring mum.


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  1.   Mrs Duxbury Says:

    Tegan, gosh, what a talented writer you are. I really enjoyed reading this story and feel like I got to know the character really well as you developed the story. Well done for writing this, and thank you!
    Remember to read each paragraph as you are writing it, checking for mistakes and make any changes you need to.


  2.   Mr Foster Says:

    Dear Tegan,

    Wha a wonderfully detailed story you have written with so many excellent features such as complex sentences and the use of semi colons as well as brilliant speech to keep the story going.

    Where did you get the ideas for this from.

    Mr Foster – Shrewsbury International School Bangkok


  3.   EmilyJ Says:

    Wow Tegan, I love your story, you have really described your character. You have really made your sentence clear and I can really picture the story in my head.



  4.   TeganS Says:

    Thank you for all the wonderfull comments.I can tell you enjoyed it and I will try to write some more stories like this to make our blog even better than it is now!



  5.   Tegan's cousin Jade Says:

    This story is very good! I am very proud of my cousin for writing this! It is very detailed but next time try to use a variaty of vocabularry. Well done!

    Jade xx


  6.   Tegan Says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful comments, I am so pleased you all enjoyed it and I will take your comments on bored and try to dazzle you with more of my stories. Keep commenting!

    Tegan xx


  7.   CharlotteW Says:

    Wow Tegan your story is amazing!


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