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Thank you Mrs Duxbury for helping me edit my work . The  author of the book My Uncle Podger  is called Jerome K Jerome  and it made me feel like I would never stop laughing although I would like to never stop laughing . I think I am a bit like Uncle Podger because I have lost something and asked everyone else to find it , clumsy , silly me !

‘ When they finally found the nail ,  Uncle Podger marked a spot on the wall but then he dropped the nail again and when they found the nail  , ‘Uncle Podger  had lost the mark on the wall .’

The edited work !

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  1.   Mrs Duxbury Says:

    Dear Charlotte,
    you are very welcome and I am glad that you are trying to make your work even better. Well done! Instead of starting a new post, just edit the work that you have already done. Godd luck Charlotte and thank you for being so fabulous.


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