A book I read !

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I read a book called Princess Mirror-belle . It is about a girl called Ellen and she has a twin that comes out of mirrors .  The twin is called princess  mirror-belle and she is a princess from mirrors. This book made me feel like I was in the story walking and talking to the characters in the book .   If I had a twin it would be fun because everybody would think you were the other twin because you looked the same  and you could  joke that you were the other twin .  If I could have someone come out of mirrors it would be my best friend so wherever I am  I  could have my friend .

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  1.   Mrs Duxbury Says:

    Hello Charlotte,
    another great post from you about the reading that you are doing. Well done. Like you, I always wanted a twin to play jokes on people. Some people say that my sister and I do look like twins but not enough for us to trick people. Thank you for sharing this with us Charlotte


  2.   Charlotte D Says:

    Thank you Mrs Duxbury !


  3.   lizzy Says:

    Wow sounds like a really good book i ike the sound of it is it your favorite book? My favorite book is called if i saw a fairy ring and i have had that book since i was 6 on my 6th birthday bye 🙂


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