The Hunger Games

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 I am reading the wonderfully exciting book, ‘The Hunger Games’ by Suzanne Collins. This book has certainly got me gripped right from the very beginning and I am finding it hard to put it down…it really is that good.

The book begins by introducing the main character, Katniss Everdeen who lives in a place called Panem (which was once where North America used to be). From this sentence from the book, I can guess that the book is set very much in the future and I wonder what made the changes. Was it war, natural disasters or something else? I am sure I will find out as I read on. Katniss seems to be very good friends with a boy called ‘Gale’. He too seems to be a good hunter and him and Katniss seem to work well as a team going hunting together. I am not sure the woods are a safe place to be though as it says ‘…in autumn, a few brave souls sneak into the woods to harvest apples.’ I wonder what dangers lie there.

Right from the very beginning, I can tell that Katniss is a fighter and is very brave. Her father died when she was very young and this has meant that she has had to find food for her family (mother and sister). This must have been very hard to do as she is only 11 years old at the time. The book describes how many of the people are starving (‘Starvation’s not an uncommon fate in District 12.’) and I wonder why this is. It seems many people die from starvation and I find this strange as this is very different from North America today. There is only talk of coal mining and I am wondering what other jobs there are. I also wonder why Katniss’ mother does not get a job so that she can feed herself and her two daughters.

The book has started to describe the town where she lives using words like: ‘barbed – wire, having two or three hours of electricity, coal dust’ and I don’t think it sounds like a very nice place to live. Katniss has to go hunting in the nearby woods to hunt for food and pick wild strawberries (which seem to be a delicacy). I find that strange as we have strawberries all the time. I wonder what I would be like as a hunter and whether or not I would be a good and brave one like Katniss seems to be.

I cannot wait to read on and find out more about who the peacekeepers are and what the ’Hunger Games’ are all about. 



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