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I am reading ‘ Billionaire Boy‘ by David Walliams and what a great book it is.  The main character is Joe Spud and he is super rich.  I wonder what it is like being that rich….I bet it does have it’s problems like Joe Spud found out.  He did not have any friends and found it hard to make them as everyone just wanted to be his friend so that they could get some money form him.  That makes me sad, thinking that people could be so shallow.

The book is really funny and an easy book to read.  I think David wrote this way to make the readers enjoy the story and want to read on even more.  I found that I could understand what he was feeling as  I moved to a new school when I was younger and had to make new friends.  That is what has happened to Joe.  He went to a new school and met a boy called Bob or ‘Blob’ as the rest of the school called him.  I bet you guess why he was called ‘Blob’?

Joe and Bob have become really good friends and are trying to stay out of the way of two bullies called ‘Grubb number one’ and ‘Grubb number two’ (you will have to read the book to find out why). Joe pays the bullies to be kind to Bob, but I am not sure that this is the right way to deal with bullies.  He has also met a new girl called Lauren and Joe thinks that she is very pretty.  I think that she is hiding something. I wonder if she is someone rich like Joe and she wants to keep it a secret so that she will also make true friends like Joe wants to.

I am looking forward to finding out more about Joe and Bob and see what great adventures they get up to….

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  1.   Aamina Natha Says:

    Mrs Duxbury… Miss Tidmarsh has read the book ‘Billionaire Boy’ to our class so most of us have also eperienced the same book… My true opinion about the book is that David Walliams is a very amusing author and that I hope to read more books from him such as… ‘Gangster Granny’!


  2.   katie Says:

    Wow Mrs Duxbury I hope you are enjoying the book.


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