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read Perl White Part One here

Day 5 continued

Looking around all I could see was a box, it had my mum’s name on (Cassie).  It was full of letters with writing inbetween, like a story, I started to read …

Dear Daisy,

This is what happened,

“What can I say?” asked the bamboozled child before being led off by a nurse.  Can you guess where I am? It is the hospital; for one reason yet I am here for another! I have cancer – as you already know – so I usually cannot leave the hospital until they make sure I am okay – that happens once a month. Yet this is for a different reason, one day at school I started to feel really bad, they sent me home and said I just has a bug.  Just as I thought I was better something terrible happened: I started to loose the ability to recognise peoples faces. It didn’t get better, I couldn’t see anyone – it was as if the whole world was full of strangers, I was too shy to ask anyone were they my mum so I waited for her to find me.

So there it is, please help, from Cassie.


As soon as Daisy got this letter she immediately replied,


Dear Cassie,

I know these last couple of months have been hard since you moved to England all my life has seemed dull. My mum says,

“Go and Play … you can’t stay inside ALL day – it’s not as if Cassie was your only friend.” I didn’t get this everyone I knew was because of you.  Without you I am nobody.  Here is a poem I made for you:

C-Cassie is a wonderful friend

A-Always has time to listen to your problems

S-She always says “Never give up,”

S-Sometimes has problems of her own but puts others first

I-Is that my Cassie I here you say

E-Everything about her is great

Read the first ‘s’, that’s what you have to do right now. I am sorry now I cannot help any more as I don’t know what it is like.

From Daisy


I decided to go and look for mum myself: it would be hard,but I was doing it for her!


Day 6

Yesterday it didn’t work, I couldn’t find mum and Kelly caught a nasty cold when looking with me. Suddenly, the door swung wide open, it was mum and within her arms was an orphan child, now I know why she left, she couldn’t leave this poor girl to care for herself – I guess the story still carries on about my eventful life!






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Well here it is the end of primary, my heart is broken, my eyes are drowing in tears, I just dont want to leave!  I’ve got friends who have been there for me since nursery and they are moving to different schools, this means we won’t see as much of each other and it will break my heart!

Caitlin, Tegan and Emily you are the three most nicest people in the world and I wouldn’t change any of you for the world! You all mean millions to me and you are my closest friends, I will never meet anyone as nice as you guys in my life because you are three of a kind and you are my BFFs!  I love you lot so much and I know that I will see Caitlin but, I will still miss her millions because we won’t as much as each other.  I just wish that Caitlin ,Tegan and Emily were going to the same school and where in the same form as me…                I will miss them with all my heart because they are the ones that make me laugh ans smile every day, love you lot millions and zillions! x x x

Mrs Duxbury, well where do I begin?….. You are the nicest teacher in the world and I wouldn’t change you for the world, you have made year six, year six!  On Friday My heart will break because I will miss you zillions,  you haven’t just been a teacher to me, you have been a friend and I’m going to try and visit you every day if I can because you mean the world to me!  Without you I wouldn’t of the S.A.Ts results I wanted so Thank you!  I’ll miss you millions and zillions! x x x

I will miss everyone zillions and good luck for the future everyone! Oh and bye bye… its time for your new chapter…! xxx

Ellie xxx

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Mrs Perkin was very kind,

Mrs Lathom and Mrs Peet where lovley to meet and where a treat,

Mrs Vose was as gentle as a rose,

Mrs Bailey was extreamley pretty,

Miss Cardwell was like a wishing well ,because anything we wanted she would get it,

Miss Tidmarsh was only harsh with homework, but other wise nice,

Mrs Duxbury well where do I begin, she is one of the nicest person on earth and it will break my heart not seeing her everyday and I will miss her millions!


Mr Williams was our headteacher and Mr lane was the deputy,

All of the teachers in the school are what make High Lawn, with out them it wouldn’t be High Lawn!

I will miss everyone millions!xxx

Ellie x x x

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We got our SATs results the other day and was nervous about what I might get. But, I got really good results:

*Literacy: Level 5 ; My tutor definitely paid off

*Science: Level 5

*SPAG(spelling, punctuation and grammar): Level 5

*Maths: I was the only one in the year to get LEVEL 6

I am really proud of my results.

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Magnificent teacher,

Random and funny that Mrs D

Squeezing buddy that what Mrs D is to me


Determined to get everyone the the best they can be

Unusual is a good way 😉

Xtraordinary with blogging

Boring….Im only joking shes aswsome

Unique in every way

Rapid when she is chasing you to spray you with water

You will love Mrs D



Love you Mrs Duxbury <3


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High Lawn!  I came to this school in Year 4 and these three years have been outstanding!

Helpful teachers who push you to do your best

I really don’t want to leave

Great students who make you laugh when your upset

However I’m leaving them all!


Love everything about it

Absolutely AMAZING

Whatever happens, I will always remember

Never will I forget, HIGH LAWN!

I will always remember my best of friends, including Charlotte D, Anna, Holly, Tulsi, Emily and many more!


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High Lawn Primary is the BEST SCHOOL EVER! I came here in nursery and I can’t believe I have to leave!




Good Luck to everyone and I hope you ALL have a great future!

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Thank You EVER

so much for

pushing me Mrs



You were right to

push me!

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M-  Marvelous

R-  Reassuring us when we need help

S-  Super cool and funny

D-  Determined to make us to our best

U-  Understanding

X-  ‘xcellent

B-  Brilliant

U- Ultra amazing

R- Reliant

Y- Ya-mazing


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On Friday the 12th of July, all year six at High lawn had a leavers party at Eagley Cricket Club. It was FANTASTIC! I want to say a BIG thank you to Harry and Lucy’s mums for organising such a brilliant event. All the girls looked gorgeous in their dresses, along with their hair and make-up.  It was a brilliant and I think everyone enjoyed it (even if their feet were hurting in their high heels)!

Behind the building we were having our party in, there was a woods and people were going in.  Someone went in and stood on a wasps nest.  Then wasps came flying out and people got stung!  Charlotte got stung on the shoulder and Levi got stung in the neck, I hope it gets better soon!  But one boy got stung in all sorts of places on his body and in his eye, OUCH!

Anyway, I hope you all had a brilliant time and remember to bring lots and lots of tissues on the last week! :(

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